Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2nd grade Summer Celebration Masks (Silly Sunglasses)

It is nearly the end of the year, and I wanted to do something extra fun with one of my 2nd grade classes.  I got to school early and traced/cut out 2 different styles of "sunglasses".  (By the way, I got this lesson from:  Click here to see the original lesson and how these masks look on!)

I asked kids why we wear masks and when we wear masks.  We talked about how sometimes people wear masks for celebrations - and we are going to celebrate summer vacation!  So, I pre-cut the body, and they first colored them carefully with construction paper crayons.  Then I busted out the "goody bins" and they arranged and glued.  I should mention that I stressed to the kids that just because there are a lot of things in the goody bins does NOT mean they should try to glue one of everything onto their mask, but rather think like an artist and only use what you need to accomplish your goal.

Well, here ya go!  They are SO CUTE on the kids faces, and well worth the extra time I put in to cut them out.

GENIUS!  I love how she put a feathery hat on this one!  I couldn't stress enough to her how amazing it is!!!

Alien eyes!  

Nice symmetry


  1. What kind of glue did you use to attach the the extra cardboard pieces to?

    1. We just used Elmer's glue...this was a while ago, but I think Elmer's Glue All which is a bit more expensive than standard "school glue" but definitely a lot stronger.