Monday, February 13, 2012

Update!  2nd graders learned about CASTLES!  We looked at real castles (including some fun shots of the Harry Potter castle and the Disney Castle!)  We looked at how they are built and what their purpose was.  Then...I introduced that though castles are real, they are also in a lot of legends and lore...and our creativity ran wild with examples!  They were assigned to:
1) Students drew their castles on grey construction paper using pencils, then trace with permanent marker.
2) Then they cut out the castles and with a lot of one-on-one assisting we cut the doors and windows so they could open.
3) Then they glued it down (careful not to glue the doors shut) on a white piece of paper and the colored pencils were used to add all the fun details!

Here are some in-progress ones...a lot of the kids did standard rectangular shaped castles but these few changed up the shapes and one of my students even figured out how to make the towers look curved!  So impressive!

 One 4th grade class learned about the Chinese New Year (and how 2012 is the year of the DRAGON!)  We just started painting last week. This guy has a removable crown - so cool.

Lastly, as I posted previously, my 5th graders made clay rattles.  We learned about Maria Martinez, a required artist for testing - but most of them seemed turned off by the idea of making a vessel so I switched it up with this project.  Only one of them totally broke, and a few got some missing chunks but over-all a success!!!  And nearly all of them rattle! We painted with acrylics.

That's it for now.  More good things a-coming!

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