Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kindergarten Car Washes with SEA MONSTERS! Book inspired.

I started this lesson by telling my kindergartners a secret...when I was very young, I was SCARED of the car wash!  Some of them giggled at this while some admitted that they too were once scared of car washes!  But then I told them that they are fun to me now!  What with all the water splashing and weird things moving around...oh, and the BUBBLES!  

So, we started with this fabulous book (click to go to amazon) 

The art project proceeded like this:
Day 1 - 45mins) Read book, get blue construction paper and stamp "bubbles" by dipping toilet paper rolls in white and blue paint!  Clean up, then if time, begin drawing car (we talked about how to build it with shapes)

Day 2 -45 mins) Talk about the art in the book and the imagination of the kids in the book who believed the car wash was actually under the sea!  Cut out the car and glue it to the blue watery background, then glue down pre-cut felt pieces and buttons to replicate seaweed, sea monsters, octopus and fish!  

I think they are darling, though next time I might have them cut out the car from black construction paper and draw the details with construction paper crayons.  

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