Monday, December 24, 2012

Marshmallows, Personified. (High School)

So, mad props to my art ed friend Kelly for this lesson.  My 3D art kids were in between projects and we were coming up to a break so we did this project.  I thought it would be a good, in-between thing that might soak up one or 2 days...and here...the kids LOVED it.  They took it to the next level!

We learned about anthropomorphism, and how it is used particularly by the artist Terry Border uses it to make humorous advertisements and photographs.  The challenge was to take marshmallows (I provided 3 sizes) and make an anthropomorphic scene... Here are some of the results.

(The marshmallows are in a deer blind, look, they are even wearing camo!)

A sweet fisherman, reeling in a little fish.  I love the detail with the little bushes and red flowers, the Popsicle stick bridge...amazing! 

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