Monday, August 27, 2012

Takin' Care of Business! Getting Rooms Ready - Sneak Peek!

So I've finally gotten into my new elementary room and for the first time got to assess what I was dealing with.  Thankfully, the last art teacher was pretty organized!  I just made some changes to make the room fit my needs more.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room!!!  I have huge windows, lots of space, tons of storage, and even a bathroom attached!  Sweet.  I'm pumped.

I love seeing other peoples' art rooms so I thought I would share a few views of mine today!

One of the teachers that I shared a room with last year had the water buckets always ready to go - filled with clean water.  When kids were done they would dump, refill, and leave by the sink.  If you have the space I've found it to be a time-saver!

 Totally got this idea from pinterest.  I added "Inspiration" to it :)  I still need to get pencils (somehow this room is devoid of pencils?!) and put colored pencils.  I found that I enjoyed having many materials out for the kids to use when they were finished, and usually they put them all away properly.  

This board will be used (for the first couple months) to show who is in charge of what when it comes to  handing out supplies and cleaning up...
Ah, and the great clay restoration!  I can never seem to escape finding these hardened blocks of neglected clay!  Alas, I do enjoy bringing them back to life.  These guys are going to steep until ready :)

I am the consolidation queen!  Look at all of those empty containers and boxes that I was ably to empty through organization!  Now I just need more materials to fill them up with!

My attempt at making a fun entrance to the art room...though I don't think it looks complete yet.  Any suggestions?

 I reference this sign at the end of every class.  The class will answer if they met these expectations or not, and will earn one pebble per expectation met.  When they read 25 they get a "free-choice art day", where I let them explore different media and techniques!  I find it provides a good 'mental break' for them anyway.  

My lovely friend gave me this vinyl sticker a couple Christmas's ago, but since I was always moving I didn't want to sacrifice it to an apartment wall.  Now, I am so happy to see it on one of my glorious windows in the art room!  Inspiring and dreamy.

OH, and this here is my new cat, Chuff.  We rescued him from the Human Society, and he loves belly rubs and sleeping like this:

Are you freaking out yet?  Me too.  It's going to be okay though, it's going to be amazing!

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